At a Glance of AIR2O

Indoors Application

• Large Shopping Malls & Storage Areas
• Laboratories
• Hospitals
• Restaurants & Cafes
• Mosques
• Residential Villas & Apartment buildings
• Factories and Workshops
• Offices Buildings
• Showrooms
• Schools
• Warehouses
• Data Centers
• Recreational centers & Gyms
• Precooling of Fresh Air Handling Unit

Outdoors Application

• Outdoor Restaurants & Cafes
• Security Check Points
• Dairy & Poultry Farms
• Horse Stables
• Falcon Cages
• Greenhouses
• Open Stadiums and Training Centers
• Open Street Shopping Malls/Arcades


Evaporative cooling is the oldest form of cooling known to man and occurs in nature every day. Wet the back of your hand and then blow on it, or when you get out of the swimming pool on a hot day. The skin surface is immediately cooler. This demonstrates the basic principle of evaporative cooling. 

Evaporative coolers, swamp coolers or desert coolers are cooling systems that use only water and blowers to circulate air. When warm, dry (unsaturated) air is blown through a water-soaked pad, water evaporates and carries heat with it Thus, air is then cooled in the process and the humidity is increased. 

The evaporative cooling technology is an energy-efficient alternative to compressor-based cooling in dry regions and can meet most or all building cooling loads using one-fourth of energy of conventional equipment. 

Choosing an evaporative cooling system offers a substantial energy saving and an environmentally friendly design. 

About AIR2O

AIR2O’s technology incorporates the concept of Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) in a variety of capacities and models, but the functional performance of all models remains the same. The concept of indirect cooling as first stage provides sensible cooling and the second stage direct, provides adiabatic cooling. The total system functions are ideally specified as IDEC as described in the psychrometric chart

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